A Roll-Up of Digipo Resources (4 September 2018)

One of the nice things about running a blog-fueled grassroots semi-funded initiative is the agility. The Digipo project has moved far and fast in the past year. But one of the bad things is all the old blogposts a just a snapshot in time, and often out of date.

I’ve wanted to get everything updated and I will, but for the moment here’s a bunch of resources. Please note that if it is 2019 when you are reading this you should look for a more recent post.


People love Web Literacy for Student Fact-checkers, and it continues to be the resource in broadest use. You can also download a PDF.

Prompts for Class: Four Moves Blog

The way I run my classes is to throw up prompts and have the students race to learn more about them in short frames of time. Sometimes we move onto the next one, and sometimes we have deeper discussions about disinformation or structural factors after that (this details the format).

Anyway, key to that class structure is the Four Moves Blog which provides prompts for students to investigate. I just tell them to search for the prompt in the search box up top, and then investigate it. This avoids all the “What was that URL” again awkwardness while also allowing a certain class fluency in that we can react to what is working in the class rather than structure everything meticulously beforehand.


Slides and Lesson Plans for First Two Classes

While we play the classes after the first week a bit looser, the first two classes are pretty scripted. This is partially because we want to lay the right foundation, but also because we want to introduce the ideas without bumping too much up the potential identity threat issues this stuff can cause. So the first week deals with some serious stuff mixed with some frivolous stuff.

Here are the slides: Class One, Class Two

Here is the Lesson Plan/Notes: Google Doc

Note that the notes are a little out of sync with the slides in some places. The notes are mainly there though so you understand how to use the slides and the stories behind the examples, it’s not really a script.

The Canvas Course and the Blackboard Export

We have two to three weeks of online homework (activities, assessments, readings, videos) in Blackboard/Canvas.

If you look in Canvas Commons for a Citizen Fact-Checking module from me you should be able to import it into your class. I’ve heard some people have had some problems with that import and for others it’s gone well. Get back to me if you have problems and we’ll try to figure out what’s going on.

The Blackboard course export is here: Digipo-04-Sept-18. As usual, this is just my export of my materials. There aren’t any warranties, and you should go through the material after import, prune it and review it for error.

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