I give talks sometimes. Some are about wiki. Some are about how we are asking the wrong questions about technology. Some are about the future of technology.

I’m a bit obsessed with the question of why, in a world where the marginal cost of sharing is zero, we don’t share or reuse as much stuff as one might predict. There are interesting reasons for that — some good, some trivial, all worth talking about. If we could learn to extend the work of others we’d get places we want to go faster.

As a former literature and linguistics student, I’m also interested in digital discourse, and new forms of expression that go beyond chatter and publication.



Designing for Divergence. DLRN Conference @ Stanford. Keynote. October 2015.
Patterns of Participation in Federated Wiki. Open Education Conference. Breakout session. November 2015.

Thinking and Learning with Federated Wiki. (w/ Ward Cunningham) OS Bridge. 23 Jun 2015.

Federated Wiki: A New Approach to Digital Collaboration. Featured Presentation. WA Building Bridges. 14 April 2015.

Making (Re)Sharing Central. Open Education Conference. Breakout Session. 20 November 2014.

Federated Education: How New Models of Cooperation will Revolutionize Learning. Keynote. NWACC Annual. 5 November 2014.

Design Patterns and the Coming Revolution in Course Design. Keynote. NWeLearn. 23 October 2014.

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