Wikity 0.31 Released (Bug-fix for Quote Problems)

Wikity 0.31 is released. Download 0.31a¬†here. New installers and curious tourists will also want the Wikity Guide, and the 0.30 release notes.¬†Usual disclaimers about free code people give you on the internet apply. Wikity 0.31 is a bug fix release to 0.30. There is no new functionality, and it fixes only one small but incredibly … Continue reading Wikity 0.31 Released (Bug-fix for Quote Problems)

Wikity Version 0.3 Released

I’m releasing Wikity 0.3 today. There’s some neat updates to this version. Current users can replace your old theme directory with this one. New users should read the Wikity Guide¬†and follow the install directions there, but use this newer folder (we’ll eventually get the documentation updated). The biggest change is the “pathways” feature. The pathways … Continue reading Wikity Version 0.3 Released