Wikity, One Year Later

Consider this my one year report. ūüėČ The core idea of Wikity was simple: what if we bent the world of social media a bit away from the frothy outrage factory¬†of Twitter and Facebook towards something more iterative, exploratory, and constructive? I took as my model Ward Cunningham’s excellent work on wiki and combined it […]

Slow-Writing with Wikity

A short note about something that occurred to me today, one that will only make sense to people who have been following my Wikity project. When I first started to play around with Wikity as a PLE (Personal Learning Environment), I would usually follow this pattern: I’d set aside time for a writing session. ¬†I’d […]

Wikity Updates (0.4)

The newest release of Wikity is up on GitHub. There are a few bugs knocked out, but the major change is a shift from “Path” functionality to “Cardbox” functionality. This shift is partial — mostly about terminology at the moment — but will eventually work a bit different as well. Paths in Wikity were sort […]

Using Simple Markdown in Wikity

In Wikity we use Markdown as our primary way of formatting things. There’s a number of reasons for that, but the summary of the “why” is that it reduces dependency on mouse use and complex editors which in turn makes things quicker and simpler in the long run. But enough about the why. Here’s what […]

Wikity on GitHub

I put Wikity on GitHub a while ago, but I’m not sure if I announced that here. In any case, Wikity is now on GitHub. In the past couple weeks I have also removed the reliance on WordPress’s “multisite” functionality. It was making installation more complex than it needed to be. To install Wikity now, […]

New WYSIWII Editor Added to Wikity

One of the ways we kill reusability is through layout and markup. In fact, this was one of the realizations that started me on this path eight years ago. Looking at the practical barriers to remix it became clear that highly formatted web pages, PowerPoints, and Word documents were not really remixable, because of the […]

Wikity Version 0.3 Released

I’m releasing Wikity 0.3 today. There’s some neat updates to this version. Current users can replace your old theme directory with this one. New users should read the Wikity Guide¬†and follow the install directions there, but use this newer folder (we’ll eventually get the documentation updated). The biggest change is the “pathways” feature. The pathways […]

New Forking Syntax on Wikity

Courtesy of Floyd’s coffee shop in downtown Portland, which hasn’t kicked me out yet, we bring you the latest Wikity Weekend Code update. This weekend’s addition is pretty cool actually. So you know the wiki syntax within Wikity is to use double brackets around the page title to create a link, right, like so: [[Poor […]