Wikity 0.31 Released (Bug-fix for Quote Problems)

Wikity 0.31 is released. Download 0.31a here. New installers and curious tourists will also want the Wikity Guide, and the 0.30 release notes. Usual disclaimers about free code people give you on the internet apply.

Wikity 0.31 is a bug fix release to 0.30. There is no new functionality, and it fixes only one small but incredibly annoying bug: Titles with quotes in them were not forking properly. Thanks to George Veletsianos, Dan Blickensderfer and others who pointed me to the solution, and to Mike Goudzwaard who identified the initial problem. You’re all amazing.

There is also a bit of overdue code cleanup. Through sheer force of will, the clarity of the code has been moved from “crime against humanity” level to “national tragedy” level. We continue to work towards the day when we can proudly hit “small town kerfuffle” level, but appreciate your patience as we strive towards that lofty goal.

People have asked when I’m putting this on GitHub, and the answer is June 1st. Until then, watch this blog.


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