Converting a Word Doc into a Digipo Article

I had some Word documents students had produced that needed to go up on Digipo. I could have directly copy and pasted them, but they were in a slightly different document template. So I pasted and then pasted the separate pieces into the right places. I sped up the video below slightly, but in reality the whole process still took under two minutes, including rephrasing some text to meet current project norms.

Take a look:

The thing I find neat is that since we strip out over-formatting, all the little annoying style mismatches disappear when the static page generator produces the page:

download (1).png

This heavy stripping of over-formatting saves time and effort when converting: no fonts, font-sizes, colors, or other advanced styling is pushed to the site, so we can just leave it as is.

I’m sure we’ll get hit eventually by some non-standard formatting needs, but for the moment I’m pleasantly surprised by how much it simplifies the process.

By the way, our Neuro 490 articles are now in their own directory here. We give course directories to whoever want them, provided they can live by the Digipo Code.

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