On George Siemens’s Duplication Theory of Value

I think a lot of this is happening, frankly. Univ. of Central Florida, a leader in online/hybrid courses has a student body that for the most part takes a fluid blend of online, hybrid, and f2f classes. That model is being duplicated many places. The Innovative University’s fascinating final chapters talk about this as well — the fact that our STRENGTH is our physical campus and face to face interaction.

The key, though, is to see these things (F2F, physical campus, and to some extent domain expertise) not as the go-to solutions for all problems, but as scarce competitive advantages that we must start deploying to maximum effect. We burn away these resources like they are nothing — we have beautiful facilities and a captive audience and we lecture to them with slides we pulled from the textbook.  

There are a lot of things that just work better in person. There is a value in going to a place apart from the rest of life to pursue those things. I find it wildly ironic that a group of people that spend a good part of their life at conferences can’t see that….

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