Newspapers On Wikipedia Update: Initial Wikidata Pass

Thanks to initial work by folks at Wellesley and Wikidata work from 9of99 on Wikipedia, the Newspapers on Wikipedia project has both created an initial Wikidata set of extant U.S. Newspapers and mapped that to needs for page and infobox creation.

The full set is here and can be queried in multiple ways:

Visually these maps overstate needs in high density areas, since the red dots (needs page) take precedent over blue dots (has page) in a conflict, and the data has a geolocation that is only as granular as the town (hence Chicago has one geolocation). And the data will need continued cleanup — I’ve spotted a few issues just screenshotting regions. But this initial data set will be developed alongside the rest of the project, and even when papers don’t make it into Wikipedia, we’ll make sure the Wikidata on them is accurate, and try to match them with other sets of data as we go forward.

According to the data here (which again, is imperfect) the current counts are:

  • Has Wikipedia page and Infobox: 957
  • Needs Infobox: 84
  • Needs Page: 3775

(We’ve already put a dent in some of the work before this, so we’ll go back and manually tally up a baseline.)

Anyway, some maps. Keep in mind this is very preliminary.

2 thoughts on “Newspapers On Wikipedia Update: Initial Wikidata Pass

  1. Just south of Franklin, is Bellingham, Which has a successful, longstanding community newspaper, the Bellingham Bulletin. All the surrounding communities in that area also have newspapers, but I am not clear if they have wiki pages or not. I write for a number of these newspapers.

    • Hi Marjorie, thanks for the info.

      I did a quick Google search, and am coming up short; appears to be for a Massachusetts-based paper, and no readily-available independent information (e.g., references in other local media, in a historical journal, from the state web site or state press association…) is coming up, at least without digging around a bunch.

      If you’re able to provide any of that info, it would greatly increase the chances one of us will start an article.

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