Innovation vs. Invention

As everyone is aware, I delete my tweets on a rolling basis. But over my morning coffee I had an great discussion with Rolin Moe, David Kernohan, and Maha Bali about innovation which is probably worth snapshotting here.


snaggit 2.png


google books.PNG

And, while I’d love to say I just have the greatest instincts, it turns out that Audrey Watters found that graph before in a piece I read three years ago.


It’s sad, really. I suppose I could turn it into a lesson about how Twitter’s quick and unresearched writing is practically a factory for misattribution. But instead I’ll just say All Hail Audrey Watters! and leave it at that. 😉


6 thoughts on “Innovation vs. Invention

  1. P.S. I said to Rolin once that in Islamic scholarship “innovation” translates into “bid3a” (noun) which is derogatory meaning adding something to religious practice that isn’t core and confusing ppl away from the major principles. I wonder how this might apply to education where we get starstruck and forget to check that the new new thing actually makes pedagogical sense. Like most edu innovation really. Like a convo today which i should blog about 🙂

  2. hi
    just picking up on the innovation – religious/negative connotation thread this word vector plot shows development of words associated with innovation between 1800 and 1990 (google books)

    make of it what you will thought as valid as google n-gram ; )

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