A list of articles currently on Digipo

It’s a wiki, so it’s messy, with a lot of duds. But as we get towards the end of the semester/quarter, a number of classes are showing up and adding pages (often as group work, so one page = multiple users).

Here’s a list of articles in various states. Expect incomplete work when you click through — but if you want to make them better, sign up and edit! And if you really want to help, get your class to try it!


Aspartame: A harmless food additive or a deadly carcinogen?

Breitbart Leaks Audio Of Paul Ryan Trashing Trump

Are Bald Men Sexier?

Title (Black Activist Also Rally for Injust White Police Shooting)

Black Friday Deaths, 2016

Black Justice

Black Activists Launch Monthly Fee System

Bloomberg’s Slice

California Democorats Attempt to Make Fake News Illegal

Out of Focus

CNN is “fake news”

Common Core Prediction

Police Shootings vs. Police Shot

Oil Pipeline Leak in North Dakota

Trump Education Secretary to get rid of Common Core

DNC Emails and Russia

Status: Unclear

Trump’s Pick for EPA post is a climate change denialist

Title EPA Stayed Silent on Flint’s Tainted Water

Status: Resolved

“Remembering” False Memories

First Born Child is the Most Intelligent

Fukushima Thyroid Cancer

Women considered better coders – but only if they hide their gender

Bill Would Allow Government to Locate People with Tracking Device


Hair Loss Claim

Hillary Clinton and the Rust Belt Recount


Hobby Lobby Divorce

El Niño and climate change

Pole Position

Taking Up Music Increases IQ


Irish Weather Forecaster Killed By Lightning on TV

Islamic Refugee / Ohio State Attack

Jewish Population Chart

“Why couldn’t you just keep your legs together?” Judge Robin Camp

Khilaf Krafts Hijab

Latest News Analysis

Lazy American Women

Minnesota Premiums

If you want less police violence, hire more female cops

Mozart’s Sister was just as talented as Mozart


Is the National Anthem a Celebration of Slavery?

Nature Deficit Disorder

Nineteen Dead WWII Vets

North Carolina Voter Suppression

NYPD Hijab Threat

About That “Vanishing” NYT Norway Article

Can we transclude a OneNote into this thing?

Environment & Energy

Outliving Carrie Fisher

Palin’s Nativia

Paul Krugman Bankruptcy

Racial Profiling

Video Games and Sexism

‘Pope Francis Laundry’ Service Opens for Homeless in Rome

Trump Voters more influenced by Racist and Sexist attitudes than the promise of economic reform

Radioactive Boars Being Hunted in Fukushima

Return to the Bubble?

Rice and Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Sample Articles

People Absorb Energy From Others

First Born Children Are More Intelligent

Selfie Takers tend to overestimate attractiveness

Sexism and Mental Health

Shinzo Abe’s Trust

Being Single is Now a Disability, According to the World Health Organization

Smart people need more time alone

New Urinal Will Both Wash and Dry Genitals

Source Shortname

News Analysis

Status Definitions for Questions of Fact

The “Dangers” of Dripping

Hiring Bias or Bad Interviews?

Three Million Illegal Votes

Trans Population Suicide Rate

Trump’s drug use could explain erratic behavior

Trump’s team is asking for the names of Energy Department employees who worked on climate issues

Trump Mumbai Ad

Trump Opts Out of Private Daily Briefing

Trump Washington Hotel Lease

Who Shot Who at UW?

Nagging Your Daughters to Success?

Atmospheric carbon levels pass the point of no return

The Weather Channel Founder Rejects Global Warming

Smart Wife, Happy Life?

Title (Women vs. Men: Who Needs More Sleep)

European Physics “Journal” and 9/11

14 Signs of Fascism

Title (Change)

Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point

Ambassador Location

APSA Address Embraces Fascism in 1934

Title: Van Full Of Illegals Shows Up To Vote Clinton At SIX Polling Places, Still Think Voter Fraud Is A Myth?

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