UMW Talk, Condensed

My University of Mary Washington talk was exciting because it was new territory, but a tad less concise than I generally like. It was about an hour.

That’s too bad about the length, because the talk was a really great introduction to the subject, and I need an intro I can link to for beginners.

So I cut the text down to 35 minutes, and then I filmed me giving it and put it up on YouTube. Is that weird?

It’s weird, isn’t it? Whatever, I’m weird.

I think it makes an intro into the issue that I might be able to reuse. I also got to use a better balance of examples. Anyway I wanted to thank UMW for having me and supporting this work, both through the invitation and the incredible work their students are doing in this space.

(I suppose I could have just said this is a new presentation, instead of an edit. Would that be less weird?)

It’s still a bit of a long video for use in a class, but who knows, maybe I’ll get it down to 15 minutes in a month or so.

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