Web Literacy Assignment: Jewish Population

This is floated into my view from alt-right Facebook earlier today:


It’s a set of tables from an unknown source showing that there were appx. 15 million Jews in the world in 1933 and 15 million in the world in 1948, the implication being that the Holocaust never happened.

Now, if you’re like me, your mind immediately starts racing with the statistical wait-a-seconds and that’s fine. But we’re not going to do it that way. We’re going to first find out where this came from, and how it was compiled, and who revived it. Then rather than develop our own arguments about this, we’re going to see if any experts in this area have commented on it.

Once we’re grounded in that stuff, then maybe we add our own bit of critical thinking to the mix. But the first step is getting grounded. Get your bearings! Use the web!

I’m dying to do this one myself, but I figured I’d save it for others. If you have a .edu account, go to digipo.io, register for an account, then investigate the claim and log your findings on the page I’ve created for this claim.

2 thoughts on “Web Literacy Assignment: Jewish Population

  1. Hi Mike. What if you work for university in a country that does not use .edu how can I then register for digipo.io ? I have a valid education email for a university in Finland that uses .fi Or is the project only for .edu people?
    Thanks for this great work you are doing and best

    • If you give me the full email domain I can whitelist it. I need to block signups because otherwise spam fighting is a full-time job.

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