Today’s Challenge: Trace Viral Photos Upstream

This tweet appeared in my stream yesterday.


I used the first photo here (guy with feet on fire) as an example in my evolving course materials on how to trace things to a source on the internet.

I also tracked down the other photos as well. It took barely any time at all. Maybe ten minutes for all four combined? (And only because one of them I got stuck on for a bit).

So challenge: can you track down the source of these other photos and tell me if they are real or staged, where they were taken, and if they involved National Geographic shoots? (Two hints: confirming at least one of the photos will involve using Google Translate to translate a page — so look for the translate option when you hit those pages. Also if you get overwhelmed by results, use Google’s date filter to show you only the oldest photos).

If you want to know how to do this in less than a few minutes for each photo, go ahead and read an early draft of the first chapter of the DigiPo course materials.

Photos follow:




7 thoughts on “Today’s Challenge: Trace Viral Photos Upstream

  1. __Recommend Photographers add/embed attribution/metadata on all, and especially, publicly available images – we can assume the photographer, Hirata, also provided access to his images without the watermark © Christopher Hirata _ [Kawika Singson Progression] __ 2013 Article about this photo which I first read last Jan. _ _

  2. We’ve all been on school break which I suspect is why no one rose to your challenge, but I’m going to set my G6 students on this challenge in the coming weeks. I will show them both articles, so they can use the Eagle “solution” as a template for their search on the other images. It is a great heuristic process for them.

    I’m trying to get more teacher-librarians to read your blog because you’ve been putting out some AMAZING content this past month.

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