Wikity on GitHub

I put Wikity on GitHub a while ago, but I’m not sure if I announced that here. In any case, Wikity is now on GitHub.

In the past couple weeks I have also removed the reliance on WordPress’s “multisite” functionality. It was making installation more complex than it needed to be.

To install Wikity now, just get a WordPress site set up which allows you to install your own themes, then download the current theme from GitHub. Upload it and select it, like any other theme.

That’s it. Recent changes have made it so you don’t need to fiddle with the settings, activate multisite, or any of that nonsense. It’s a theme. Install it and select.

Keep in mind this is still largely alpha software (I have a day job I need to commute to in mere minutes). But if you haven’t used it in a while, you’ll note it’s changed quite a bit. It’s much more focused on being a personal wiki, with the core idea being students can use it to keep and maintain public notebooks of their personal investigations.

Here’s the new GitHub blurb:

Wikity Zero is a WordPress theme you can use to create a personal wiki for notes, bookmarks, photos, or anything else.

Unlike traditional bookmarking tools, Wikity lets you connect ideas and share your work with others while maintaining attribution. And because it runs on WordPress your work is always portable — your site can run anywhere WordPress can (you do need sufficient permissions to upload the theme).

Wikity is particularly useful for classes where students are encouraged to document and connect their learning in emergent ways. Use it as a replacement for the standard learning journal or graded notebook.