SoundCloud and Connected Copies

SoundCloud, a music publishing site which holds millions of original works not held elsewhere (and over a hundred million works total), may be in trouble. And if it is in trouble, we’ll lose much of that music, forever.

The situation is, of course, ridiculous.

I know I sound like a broken, um, MP3 file on this, but theres a simple solution to this problem: connected copies.

In such a scheme, I might share the file to SoundCloud (perhaps from my server, perhaps not). As other people share it, copies are made to their servers. These copies are connected by an ID and protocol that allows fail-over: if the copy cannot be found on the SoundCloud server, it tracks it down to the other locations (the “connected” in “connected copies” means that each copy points to the existence of other known copies).

Again, this is the underlying principle of lots of cool things not yet on people’s radar, like the Interplanetary File System, Named Data Networking, federated wiki, and Amber. It’s the future of the web, the next major evolution of it.

It’s worth thinking about.


P. S. While SoundCloud is still around you should check out my awesome playlist of newย darkwave and neo-psychedelia tunes from little known artists.

3 thoughts on “SoundCloud and Connected Copies

  1. If i believe in connected copies can I believe in Bernie Sanders ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The fate of all stored digital services is fragile, and pity what you describe was not part of the net at the start (when it as just messaging). Bone pick but Amber is not a copy, it saves a picture of a web page: a picture of your song might look nice but…

    • I’m happy to stipulate that while all these newer things are related my solutions are the only true ones. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Actually, if you want to blow your mind read through the Named Data Networking stuff. This was an idea originally from Ted Nelson that has recently gotten a lot more traction behind it, because it’s a solution to current congestion problems.

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