3 thoughts on “One Minute Smallest Federated Wiki: Looking at Specific Versions of Pages

  1. I’m getting that, but there’s no way I am going to remember who has a green/purple gradient icon. They mostly look the same to me. It would really help if users could create an avatar as an icon (no idea if that’s possible).

    The hard thing for me is not knowing where I am among all the content. It’s an n-dimensional space but its reduced to a pretty much linear presentation view. I don’t have any brilliant ideas on how to make this better, but where-ever I go, I have a disorienting sense of not being sure where I am.

    Experience may help, but there are huge cognitive hurdles to help people understand this.

    I’m intrigued, though, and your own fervent interest is enough for me to persist.

    The thing I am not sure on about HHOL is what kind of writings you are seeking- they seem to be idea stubs to put out for future expansion? I’ve been focusing a lot on my experience at Maricopa because I was there for some of its history, but there is also a lot that came before in the 1970s and 1980s. I have access to folks that were leaders in that error, former vice chancellors and such..

  2. Alan – I want anything and everything. The glory of his space is that people can take your stuff and format it into a format that makes most sense to them.

    I remember being confused myself about where I was at first — but over time I realized there were really only two PRIMARY locations — my stuff and not my stuff. After you pull most people’s stuff into your site, there is very little that is not your stuff. And so when you hit stuff that is not your stuff is it not a burden to do the hover over the icon and see what site it is coming from.

    I do think that moving the site name at the bottom up to the top might help, personally. I also need to show you how to “collapse context” which is a technique you use when you are lost. Maybe that’s my next screencast. Collapsing context is what I do when it all gets too much.

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