The Hidden History of Online Learning

I’m starting up a federated wiki on the “Hidden History of Online Learning” to attempt to demonstrate to what the experience is like.

If any readers of his blog would like to participate, I’m willing to set up a federated wiki for you on my S3 instance. I’ve already set sites up for Audrey Watters and Jim Groom.

The site URL will look like where “audrey” is your name. Leave a comment below if you would like to participate, indicating your preferred URL.

You will be obligated to write a 1 to 2 paragraph article on the wiki, or to substantially revise another 1 to 2 paragraph article on  the wiki. That’s it. Ten minutes work.

Leave a comment below!

18 thoughts on “The Hidden History of Online Learning

  1. Raised hand. I’m being the curve in your fed wiki work. Jim’s class had be pulling back to the edtech scene when I started at Maricopa; there’s a State of Ed tech report that came out when I started– that references an mid 1980s report on instructional tech. From what I was told, they started putting their admin systems into computer system in the 1970s. Some of those folks are still around, might be fun to interview them-

    cogdog is the name

  2. I’ll bite. I fear I’m new enough to the backroom of elearning that my contributions will be limited, but I’ll give it a shot.

  3. I’ll join in, I’m kind of an amateur at the history of computing but also a big fan too. Like the whole group at Illinois that worked on PLATO and what follow-on effects that had. Sign me up.

  4. Mike, really like you posts about SFW. I share your excitement and anticipation! Have you got or come across an “idiots guide” to install SFW on an Amazon S3 account… To give you an indication of my “idiocy” until I read this post, I had not heard of Amazon S3… 😉

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