Second (Third?) Tumblr Linklog Attempt

I’m trying that thing again where I post a few Downes-style1 takes on random education articles I come across to Tumblr. This will likely be followed by that thing where I stop posting Downes-style takes on random articles. But the sad twitter-centric state of the artist formerly know as the edublogosphere has compelled me to try once again. I really shudder to think what would happen to the space if Downes stopped the OLDaily project, especially now that people have fallen out of Google Readerdom.

For those unfamiliar with linklogs, click on the title to read the original article, and realize I write the summary in the space of about three to five minutes, so don’t expect the Critique of Pure Reason.

Anyway, go check it out. Subscribe to the RSS. And if you find it useful, let me know, it might help me figure out whether to slog through the dip.


1Yes, Downes-style. Quality and consistency, I don’t kid myself.

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