Six Second Science Vines

Vine is one of the addictions my daughter and I currently share. Somewhat predictably, the six second format and lack of  an editing function acts as generative constraints that brings out the creativity in people, and it’s just fascinating to see what people come up with.

If you’re looking for an example of how to weave this into your class, take a look at GE’s “Six Second Science” Vines, where people were asked to use the format to demonstrate science. (They do get a bit old after a while, but you can honestly watch more of these than you think in a row).

I’m thinking through how we might use this sort of thing in Water106. I like the idea of a massive “contest” which is really just an excuse to muck around. Perhaps something open-ended like “Do a Vine that demonstrates something you learned about water in this class?” Or maybe just “Water. Do a Vine about it?”


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