Why Use Open Course Frameworks? [Slideshare Presentation w/ Audio, 20 mins]

This is a short presentation I gave our advisory board at the college recently. What I wanted to explain to the board (mostly businessmen and political people) is why we are looking at Open Course Frameworks with Lumen/Kaleidoscope. For the uninitiated, Open Course Frameworks are to commercial courseware what open textbooks are to textbooks.

The presentation is a bit bland by design — it’s meant to show production and use of OCFs not as a giant leap, but as an obvious evolution of what we do as institutions.

If you’re familiar with blended learning, pressures on education, etc., the one piece you might be interested in is the financial comparison of the production of commercial e-learning vs. the production of digital resources in higher education. It begins on the slide titled “But we still have a cottage industry model of production” and goes for about three slides, making the case that we spend far too little on digital resources for education, and that the only non-publisher solution to this is cross-institutional collaboration. That portion is only 3 or 4 minutes. It has some interesting figures you may not have seen, which I’ll blog here eventually.

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