I’m Changing Jobs

I’ve leaked this out on Twitter, Facebook, and in personal conversations, but I’ve put off writing a blog post about it because I find it very hard to do justice to the people I’ve worked with at Keene State in a goodbye. So let me just say that despite crushing state cuts, constant friction, and a thousand other barriers that present themselves daily, the people I’ve worked with here at Keene State do amazing things. I am going to miss their optimism, humor, and grace under pressure. I’m going to miss their dedication to students, and their valuing of teaching as the core of the college experience. Mostly, I’m just going to miss *them*: there is no other way to say it.

In the quick but brutal pivot one is forced to do in these posts, I now must tell you how excited I am to have accepted a position as Director of Blended and Networked Learning at Washington State University at Vancouver. This gives me an opportunity to work with favorite (and brilliant) ex-colleague of mine who left Keene State to become Chancellor of that institution, as well as a host of others I met on a recent journey there.

The job will allow me to explore my passion — how different elements of digital and net-mediated learning can be used to improve a traditional campus-based education. Part of the job of the position is to connect WSU Vancouver into the discussions that are happening on these topics, so my relative absence from conference events on open education and net-mediated learning is likely to change, at least a bit. My colleagues reading this might see me a bit more (which is good, although I have never quite mastered the jet-lagged surreal experience of conferences — now’s the time I guess).

But yeah, a big part of this job (compared to my current one) is making connections that can help WSU Vancouver. So if you have a project you want to partner on, if you have a panel for which I might be a good fit, if you are interested in coming to WSU Vancouver and showing what you are doing, if you’d like me to talk to you at some point about what we’re doing  — these sort of larger strategic areas are ones I will need to move into, and I guess the time to talk to me is now, while we are still spec’ing out what we might like to accomplish in the next year or two. I firmly believe that the only way our institutions are going to confront our current challenges is to find ways to work together, and if that means a bit more jet lag and sticky-bun psychosis, I’m ready to pay that price. If you are reading this blog and working on something good that you think WSU Vancouver might like to be part of (research, initiatives, experiments, grants, or events), shoot me an email (caulfield.mike at gmail) and we’ll talk.

(And if, by chance, you work at WSU Vancouver and are reading this, I’d like to talk to you most of all. Come by my office in VDEN, second floor, near the Vice Chancellor.  I start there March 25, and want to know about all the cool things you are doing or would like to do…)

8 thoughts on “I’m Changing Jobs

  1. Mike,
    This is an awesome move for you, and as always let UMW know what you are thinking and how we can play along. While we may have stumbled on the Canvas MOOC—don’t hate us cause we are beautiful—I can speak for DTLT in saying we read and study your blog for some of the best work happening in the field right now. So, this is well deserved, and more than that congratulations!!! Just to think you may be in a postion to build something amazing at WSU Vancouver is really exciting, go West young man!

  2. Thanks Jim. Not to get too sentimental, but part of what really re-engaged me with ed tech mid-aughts were those posts of yours in 2007 or so (and posts of others in that circle that I really can’t help but think of as the Broader Downes Circle). It was kind of like being raised by wolves and coming across a tribe of humans for the first time. Holy crap, there are others like me! And people so far ahead of me that I’m going to have to run just to catch up.

    It felt nice to be out of breath. It still does.

    So I hope you keep putting up projects and insights that I have to run just to keep up with, and I hope I can do the same. In the meantime, let’s get those Hangouts going again, right?

  3. Congrats, Mike, and welcome to the left coast! I’m sure you’re aware of good stuff going on within the WA state community & technical college system, and I’m sure they’ll be excited to figure out how to create local/state partnerships with you. Sounds like a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to hearing more as you settle in and discover what awaits.

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