Residential Online is the Future of Your Institution (2tor Edition)

Although, I think we might start calling it “campus-based” online. In any case:

A group of 10 highly selective colleges has formed a consortium to offer online courses that students enrolled at any of the campuses can take for credit.

The group, which includes Wake Forest and Brandeis Universities, will offer semester-long online courses using software from 2U, an education-technology company formerly called 2tor. Students already attending the institutions can earn credit from any college in the group, while students who are not enrolled at those colleges can apply to take the courses.

Increasingly, the ability to offer residential (and commuter) students a blend of face-to-face and online classes in a traditional degree program is seen as key to recruitment and retention efforts. The future of education that people actually want is this sort of blend — we should be doing more of this on all levels (although the cynic in me has to ask if we really need 2tor to do it for us?).

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