Quantitative Reasoning MOOC Update

(Yeah, I finally used the ‘M’ word…)

As some of you know, I’ve been working the past three or four months on getting a MOOC on Quantitative Reasoning up and running for Spring 2013.  Jim and Tim and I are in discussions on how this might work at this point, and the current plan is that it functions as a F2F class, plus a web community with some ds106-style mods.

Quantitative Reasoning is one of the core AAC&U outcomes, and it is difficult to teach. It tends to have the sort of problems that online courses have not addressed well in the past. So this will be a test to see if even a fraction of the energy generated by the ds106 model can be sustained in a skill-centric statistical reasoning class.

In any case, as the semester winds down, I’m starting to get back to it. I have the first chapter of the six chapter open textbook for the course written — it’s up here on WordPress, which turns out to be everything you really need for an e-textbook.  Be aware that I haven’t figured out how to gracefully get all the chapter to show at once yet — you have to click next on that page to see the last four sections of the chapter.

Chapter Two is coming along. Writing is hard.

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