EdCamp Keene is Next Wednesday

I haven’t blogged much about EdCamp Keene this year, partially because we got about to 75% of our 115 capacity within 24 hours of announcing it. So I’ve been letting the rest of the registrations slow-cook so that we don’t have to turn too many people away.

But I have to take a moment and say I am still a bit amazed by it. First of all, there’s the money aspect. We are putting on a free conference for 115 people including lunch and a T-shirt for $700 or so. Total.

More than that, we are again getting K-12 educators into the same rooms as college professors and educational technologists, and if last year’s conference is any guide people love this part. They really do. When a college professor looks at something a fourth grade teacher has put together and suddenly gets how it might be applied to a college classroom — it’s a crazy, magic moment.

Thanks again to the people last year I bounced this off of who said to go for it: Sue, Jenny, Tom, Martha, Jim, Dan — it’s really been transforming for me. For everyone, really. There’s a grounding in common mission that comes about at these things that just resonates so deep it gives you calm, even in these turbulent times…

Oh yeah. almost forgot. We can squeeze in maybe 10-15 more people. If you are reading this and are interested in coming, or if you are just interested in what I am babbling about, check out the website.

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