The Shock Doctrine Goes Platinum

To clarify my last post — Record companies

  • are evil
  • have made a series of poor decisions
  • will not be around in their current form in a decade or two

Whew. Just had to say that for those that had worried I’d gone over to the dark side.

The question isn’t really what direction the trajectory is — the question is “How steep?”

“Broadband eats everything” says we have nothing to lose — pack up the bags and move on. H.Ed. is done.

But broadband hasn’t even been able to eat a business that is almost pure content in the space of a decade. 

Honestly, I think that rising Medicaid costs (and the societal cost of care for the elderly generally) is having far more impact on higher education right now (today!) than the internet. The internet is going to radically change education, absolutely, but it’s role in the immediate future is not as a tsunami, but as tsunami response plan. It’s important to keep that straight.

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