U.S. says colleges with big tuition hikes must explain

U.S. says colleges with big tuition hikes must explain

This is almost sadly funny. So there’s all these tuition hikes, particularly at state colleges. It’s out-of-control spending, right? So the DoEd is asking colleges that have the sharpest hikes to explain why they are being so profligate with money.

Except, as everyone knows who actually works at a state college in America, the reason why costs are going up has almost nothing to do with spending. The reason costs are going up is that the state legislatures are cutting the funding to colleges. By a lot. Add in the fact that financial need has gone up as well, and well, that’s pretty much your increase right there.

I guess I’m not opposed to this policy — I’m sure even in the current climate there are colleges that are clearly feathering their nests at the expense of students. And going forward, I am sure it will be useful.

Still, it feels oddly out of touch at this particular moment.

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