Better Balance

I think I’m going to try to get a better balance on this blog. I’m actually excited about a lot of things we are doing at Keene State — but because a lot of the things we are moving forward are fragile I’m in the position a lot of bloggers are in — the rants about the outside world end up outnumbering talk discussions of the real progress we are making — because we’re afraid that talking about it too early will spook people, or cause unnecessary drama.

That’s not to say the rants will go — I need some way to funnel my frustration with the ridiculous politics around education into something constructive. But I’m going to start trying to blend in more of what we are doing…

One thought on “Better Balance

  1. I’ll also add that talking about incremental steps like reviewing a syllabus repository to get a handle on what technology integration currently looks like here — this stuff is a lot less sexy in a way. But it’s reading posts about things like that that have always been helpful to me in this job, so I should be sharing back more….

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