Google Phone RIP

My T-Mobile G1 broke last night — I knocked it off the table and the screen cracked.

I was oddly apathetic about it. The touch screen web phones receive a lot of hype because they address a set of problems faced by the frequent business travelers that write the gadget press. During conferences, for instance, the G1 was invaluable to me. I was practically an advertisement for it several weeks ago where I used GPS enabled Google Maps to find my way back to the hotel, walking and watching the little dot move in real time.

But I just don’t travel that much, and I’m so sick of charging this power monster up when all I’m using it for is receiving the occasional text message from a friend. If you have a G1 or an iPhone you know what I mean — half your life is looking for a place to plug the damn thing in. I feel like I’m smoking cigarettes again, checking my pack to see how many are left every time I leave the house, constantly watching the dwindling battery meter.

I won’t buy another of these. In truth, I’m thinking of getting a $20 Tracfone and just routing my Skype number to it after three rings.

You can pry my netbook from my cold dead fingers. My G1, however? Meh.

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