52/12: My New Year’s Resolution and the Death of the Endless Lunch

I’d thought I was abandoning blogs and projects in a linear pattern, but history here has taken a Viconian turn: I’ve revived my Endless Lunch blog, with the purpose of using it to connect with other writers in pursuing my personal new year’s resolution — to write 52 songs and 12 short stories this year. 

Yeah, I know I could use this blog, with tags and the like. Not sure why I’m doing over there. Just feels right. 

It will be interesting, though. to get back to using a blog as a novice in an area where I want to do something new. We talk a lot about the benefits to experts of blogging, but the benefits there still don’t compare to what a novice can get out of the blogosphere, that zero to sixty experience that is such a rush.

In any case, if you are interested in my analyses of 60s pop hits. the prose of Douglas Adams, and various recording projects and short stories of mine, head over to 52/12. And if you are interested on my thoughts on the Theory of the Golden Ticket and the Endless Lunch, head over to this post in particular.

Hope to see you all there!

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