Offlining site now online

I’ve created a new site that bascially aggregates the offlining posts from this site: Offline Thinking. The idea is to eventually get others to post on it as well via tag based syndication.

The design of the site is stripped-down WordPress template — the theme is meant to be ASCII-friendly in case you want to download it to your Sony Reader or Kindle. All the headings are marked with surrounding characters, and there’s a minimum of layout junk to get caught in your select operation. I’m working on ASCII-friendly blockquoting as well.

Anyway, check it out, and let mr know what you all think.

2 thoughts on “Offlining site now online

  1. Hello, Mike,

    I love the idea of collecting posts on offlining in one place.

    What mechanisms will you put in place to simplify finding content on the site over time? I’d imagine as more people post to the site, that the archives could become difficult to navigate, especially if people can only navigate past posts by date.



  2. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that — I think I might add a menu that is by default hidden but provides more traditional navigation and search when clicked. I’m really enjoying playing with removing visual distractions from the template but I haven’t got it all worked out yet.

    Maybe once I get it set I can put you into the tagged-based syndication?

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