So starting today I’m the new Interim Director of Technology, College Advancement, Keene State College. I was promoted Friday afternoon to the new position.

I have mixed feelings about this. I was hoping my next major career move would be back into net-enabled learning. It’s been almost five years since I left Cognitive Arts, and I have spent much of that time figuring out how I would get back to my passion. I found the recent 20 percent appointment I had with Academic Affairs to assist in the creation of their new Learning and Teaching Technology Plan invigorating, and was hoping to move more in that direction.

This promotion will, temporarily at least, cut into the amount of time I can spend working on net-enabled learning.

Additionally, being webmaster allowed me enough free time that I was able to pursue political blogging. And I had a good deal of success. Blue Hampshire received repeated prominent coverage in the Washington Post, New York Times, and the Boston Globe. The Hill scoured our pages daily, and we even got astroturfed by Hillary’s staff. We received feature coverage in Campaigns & Elections magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Laura went on CNN, Dean on Fox, and I did commentary for WCBS in NYC. Our features went even further — I wrote front page pieces for Huffington Post and syndicated pieces for Not bad for a part-time evening and weekend effort.

Oh, and there was this very cool statement:

“Blue Hampshire…has quickly become one of the most influential blogs in the nation.”
– Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos.

But my political blogging will probably go on hiatus for some time as well, given the immensity of the initial challenges the Director position presents (I’ll probably do a post a week, but that’s it).

All and all, though, I’m excited by the new position though.


Because the challenges are not wholly divorced from these other pursuits. What is “Advancement Technology” after all?

It’s Online Outreach.

It’s E-Organizing.

It’s plugging into the the Media Machine and learning how to move a story into national media.

It’s Grassroots.

It’s Fundraising.

It’s Issue Advocacy.

It’s Public Relations 2.0.

In short, having been on the cutting edge of what is essentially Political Advancement, I find myself in a unique position to try to bring Keene State College toward the state-of-the-art in Institutional Advancement. Some methods are different, but the ultimate goals are the same: build a strong supportive community, raise money, and increase the reputation of the institution. [It’s a little different in that you can’t raise Keene State’s reputation by going negative on Plymouth State — but I never claimed a perfect analogue 😉 ].

In short, the parts of the Director job that are new are closely related to what I have been doing as a side pursuit. And I’m excited by the possibilities there.

In any case, for the next year or so, this blog may shift off of Academic Technology to Advancement issues of public relations and fundraising. We’ll still have much of the same focus on using new decentralized community-based approaches to approach these issues, and I hope y’all hang around. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

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