Support Music over Lawyers. Buy Radiohead.

The end is near. And that’s a very very good thing.

Radiohead is offering it’s newest album on it’s website for advance download.

The revolutionary thing? You pay what you want for it. Two dollars, ten dollars. Whatever. You make the call.

The experiment has even got mainstream investing sites abuzz, saying that if this works, it could be the end of the pricefixing era of music.

Sometimes though, history needs a push. I’m going over to get the new album right after I finish posting this.

You should come with.


I told you I was serious:

Radiohead Purchase

This is me buying the album for about 5 bucks American (damn that exchange rate!).

That’s a decent deal for a Radiohead album (if it was the new NP’s album, it’d be more).

You should go do it.

2 thoughts on “Support Music over Lawyers. Buy Radiohead.

  1. Count me in! I like the idea, and anything that gets that explores new modalities for music industry economics is cool with me. I have a question, though. By purchasing this album in pounds, is your credit card company going to charge you a $10 conversion fee that will boost the cost of the album above current CD costs?

  2. Good point!

    I think such fees are usually pennies on the dollar though — at least they are with an Australian company we do business with.

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