Dr. Sander Lee on James Madison and Democracy

"I will be arguing, and this is a controversial opinion, that Madison’s support for democracy comes not because of a belief in the innate wisdom of the majority in society, but because he believes that in the absence of objective answers it is better for the honor of the individuals in society to allow everyone to participate…"

We’re having a Symposium on Citizenship here at Keene State, November 6-9. And since we are putting together a blog on the event, we thought it might be a good idea to go out and get some video of some of the speakers talking about their presentations.

We started with Dr. Sander Lee, who will be presenting on James Madison and Democracy (we’ll get the date and time soon) Renee Staudinger, a student intern of ours, filmed it with our lo-fi guerilla vlogger equipment (and did a splendid job — thanks Renee!).

Here’s the clip:

For more on Dr. Lee, check out his personal page. This will also be available on the Citizenship Symposium site (on KeeneWeb) as soon as we whip that site into shape. I’ve also x-posted this on KeeneFeed, a sporadic blog about Keene State that we’re trying out here.

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