Summary of research on student evaluations

Summary of research on student evaluations

Nice summary of research and issues regarding student evaluations. Of particular interest are the correllations between superficial attributes and end of semester scores.

I’ve become interested in student evaluation partially out of my interest in the effects of the consumerization of HE. It’s at least a little bit interesting that the evaluation we’ve chosen as the primary teaching quality review is a customer satisfaction survey, and that the design of the evaluation is not evidence-based.

Practical Futurism Presentation

Yep, it’s me, Mike Caulfield, and it’s a new blog. Don’t want to talk about it right now. Here’s slides with notes from my USNH AT Institute keynote. 

I will have a slideshare version up with audio soon. If you want the narrative though, you can go here:

Where I wrote the presentation in the notes. After advancing each slide, just click that “actions” menu at the bottom and the text will pop up. 

I’ve been playing with disfluency in slide design, and I like the results. Feedback welcome.

And although I do this on the last slide, thanks to Jon Mott, who gave me the idea for the Bloom tie-in, in his 2009 Post-LMS Manifesto.