Open Ambivalence

I have a news alert, set a long time ago, that keys on variations of open education terms. More and more lately, it sends me pieces like this, from places with “Wall Street” or “Market” somewhere in the name:

Our country’s educational system needs a reset. On that score, I agree with the critics of No Child Left Behind. Unfortunately the educational establishment wants more of the same: more money, more teachers, more student loans. All of that will lead to more failure. The real solution is to close schools, fire teachers, eliminate federal student aid, reorient most college students toward trade schools, and let the Internet deliver open courseware for free to anyone with a modicum of curiosity.

One of the reasons that DIY U became such a lightning rod (despite being, I think, a really decent treatment of its subject) was that it came out at the same time a lot of people were realizing how the open movement was going to be used to undermine the concept of public education. A year past that, things continue to look worse by the day.

Here’s to everybody working within the system to make things better, with what feels like an every louder clock ticking in the background. Heads down, here comes another semester…