Stop capturing classes, and start capturing explanations.

What does “Good Enough” OER look like?

It looks like Sal Khan.

I just saw his stuff via Jon Udell, and it blew me away. Technically, it’s not under an open license, but every single person involved in OER should look at the siteRight now.

Forget the “lecture capture” vendors. Don’t worry about editing out false starts. Don’t spend any money on post-production.

Just explain stuff to people. Online. And remove it from the context of the class, make it modular.

Stop capturing classes, and start capturing explanations.

We lay on the fainting couch in the OER world sometimes and worry about reuse — well here’s your answer. Sal’s work has been viewed end-to-end 10 million times. That’s more than anybody at MIT or Yale. He has 33,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

You have people at your college right now that can do this. I have people at my college that can do this.

Let’s get them to do it.