One Minute Smallest Federated Wiki: Understanding Recent Changes

A whirlwind tour of how to read the Recent Changes, and how to include the sites you want in it.

We don’t touch on the icons much here, or how to get to specific version of pages, or what “people who touched that page” means (hint: it means they have a copy of the page). But we do show you how to find new pages and changes in your chosen neighborhood.


One Minute Federated Wiki: Pulling Something From Twitter

I’m going to start documenting how to do various things in Smallest Federated Wiki. These little tidbits will be helpful to people who have already started using SFW but may not know some of its less obvious features.

In this video, I deal with the problem of getting SFW pages you found through Twitter and other means onto your site. Often when you find a site in SFW your “left-most” context is your site, because that’s where you came from. When coming from Twitter, or a link in an email, or while browsing a site you “collapsed” (more on that later) you need a way to get another site’s page into your site’s context so you can fork it. It sounds complex; it’s easy in practice. Check out the video.