All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi! Jim Groom has a sort-of-reply to my post on bringing student-produced OER into the heart of the institution, and Stephen Downes has a reply as well. Neither seems to buy the idea that open practice should be institutionalized. I find this very odd, frankly, and wonder if […]


This is a story about cognition and social media. But it begins with a bird. Our family has a bird, a green-cheek conure named Derp. His brain is about the size of an M & M (original, not peanut). Derp is a quick learner. You can say “Tidy up, Derp” and he’ll gather all the bottle […]

The Dwindling Promise of Social Media

I read this heartbreaking story today about the U.S.’s current opioid epidemic. The surgeon general was having dinner with a friend, a cardiologist. Then this happened: “I was having dinner with him and I said, ‘Can you believe that we were taught that these opioid medications weren’t addictive in our training?’ ” Murthy told a […]

The Problem With Zuckerberg Telepathy

There’s a lot wrong in this statement from Mark Zuckerberg on machine telepathy: While some of these ideas might seem more like the stuff of sci-fi, Zuckerberg says there is scientific research going on in these fields right now. Telepathy is one such area. “You’re going to be able to capture a thought in its […]

Stereotype Threat and Police Recruitment

From an interview on the World Economic Forum site (which is surprisingly good). A description of how a small change to an invitation email increased pass rates on police recruitment exam: Small, contextual factors can have impacts on people’s performance. In this particular case, there is literature to suggest that exams for particular groups might […]

Predicting the Future

I’m a person that generally doesn’t spend much time predicting the future. I’m more comfortable trying to imagine the possible futures I find desirable, and that’s mostly what I do on this blog, talk about the futures we should strive for. But two and a half years ago, at the encouragement of the folks at e-Literate, and with […]