Open Licences and SFW

David Wiley with a great comment on yesterday’s post: The answer, more or less, is yes. And initially that seems like a dealbreaker.  But here’s the history of the web, from me, condensed. A long time ago very smart people decided that web pages had to all look different, that your stuff would only exist […]

Beyond Conversation

There’s a follow-up to this article, now, which explains the federated wiki angle to this more clearly.. “Everyone here will of course say they are carrying on his work, by whatever twisted interpretation. I for one carry on his work by keeping the links outside the file, as he did.” – Ted Nelson, eulogizing Doug […]

Plagairism and Evolution and Attribution Statements

The big news right now in social media-land is that a Buzzfeed editor is a plagairist. Here’s coverage on that from TPM: In one particularly damning example, Johnson allegedly copied a 2009 post on Yahoo! answers. “Throughout the London Blitz, over a million incendiaries and around 50,000 high explosive bombs were dropped on London,” wrote […]

Reclaim Hackathon

Kin and Audrey have already written up pretty extensive summaries about the Reclaim event in Los Angeles. I won’t add much. Everything was wonderful, and I hope I don’t upset people by choosing one thing over another. But there were a few things for me that stood out. Seeing the Domain of One’s Own development […]

Interface, and the First Sixty Minutes

I’ve been struggling to explain SFW interface to people. Which is weird. Because I actually think the interface is one of the stronger features. I have come to wish I could surf the web in SFW instead of say Chrome. It solves a bunch of issues Ted Nelson tried to solve but more elegantly and […]