Joining #mooctober — No MOOC Posts for the rest of the month

Per @dkernohan’s call, HAPGOOD is swearing off of MOOC posts for the rest of the month.

I’m still fascinated with MOOCs, and I’m still particularly interested in thinking about how large online courses can be combined with local face-to-face experiences to create a higher quality learning experience while holding down cost.

But the large amount of traffic generated by my posts on MOOCs (versus, for example, posts on Residential Online) has introduced some, uh — let’s call it “market distortion” — into my writing. There’s a whole bunch of other stuff people need to continue to write and think about in the area of online learning and open education, and it’s frankly not getting done of late.  So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be hitting those areas I’ve been neglecting for the past several months.

Come November, though, we’ll be back on target with a series of posts on how MOOCs can deliver first-world quality health care at third-world prices, while dramatically reducing the deficit and ending the culture wars. The series will be co-authored by Jeff Jarvis.

Until then!

P.S. For the purposes of #mooctober, #ds106isnotamooc.


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